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Welcome to Creating Space: Living in the In-Between

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

I have a lot of thoughts on a lot of things. Anyone that knows me is well aware of this trait. Sometimes my thoughts bring value, while others just blank stares. I figured a blog would be a great way to get out all that goes on in my brain while simultaneously preserving my relationships- as the blank stares often lead to listeners clinging to passersby so they can get out of the rabbit hole of a conversation (or often monologue). So, if you are reading this, welcome to my monologue! When it all becomes a little much, you do not have to worry about leaving and feeling rude; it’s the internet- you can just click onward. I’ll keep rambling and will never know the difference. If you plan to stay, I hope you find reflections that make you think.

Creating Space

As a theatrical artist, my job is to create space where people experience being seen and known. Creating space is something I have had to work at, as it’s not my natural inclination. I discovered the value of creating space when I began directing high school theater. My job was to create a space where students felt safe to explore their characters, make choices (good and bad), and find the way forward. I loved watching students discover the intricacies of their characters, but more so, the intricacies of their passions and abilities. There was nothing more exciting to me. Almost fifteen years later, I have finally begun to take my space-creating skill as a director and intentionally apply it to everyday life. I have found that creating space is a vital part of joining people in their life journey. Little comes from dictating, as creating space for others to explore and grow is much more fruitful.

Living in the In-Between

As I embrace the call of space creator, I wrestle with living in the in-between. In his book Culture Care, Makoto Fujimura identifies a person with these feelings as a mearcstapa. The term is taken from Beowulf and means border stalker. A mearcstapa is a person who lives on the border between their land and the outside, traveling back and forth, often bringing news to their people. Mearcstapas usually do not feel at home in the outside world or in their land, but they know the importance of their role. I have felt like this for a good part of my life, and even more so as I grow older. I have felt like an in-betweener as an artist, theologian, activist, woman, and the many other roles I fulfill in my life. Rather than letting the ambiguity of my place in the world bother me, I am working on allowing it to fuel me. I know there is a need for those who live in the in-between, stalking the borders and bringing news to all.

What You’ll Find

So, what will you find here? First, I hope, space. Space to think, feel, agree, disagree, and so on. Second, you may see inconsistencies. I am still on a journey of discovery and plan to be till I die. As I learn, I grow, and I change, and I anticipate my musings will as well. Third, in-between perspectives. My thought is that if I’m not making everybody mad, I am not doing my job. My life coach would tell me to put it differently: if someone finds at least one thing they resonate with, then I am doing my job.

So today, May 11th, which is as good as any day, well, except for May the 4th Be With You and Cinco De Mayo, begins the journey of Creating Space, Living in the In-Between.


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