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Stories That Stir the Heart

Story has been a vehicle used for centuries to grab the attention and stir the hearts of others.  Story has the power to move, reveal, unravel, expose, mend, and heal.  Out of Mind Productions is, at its core, a storytelling company. Out of Mind Productions was founded by Lauren Hance, with the vision of bringing original and published works to life through live theatre and film. 


Collaboration is a focal point for Out of Mind Productions. Our Theatrical Productions have teamed with schools, colleges, and churches to present high-quality original and published works.  We have also partnered with film makers to produce films for the 48 Hour Film Project.


We continue to seek other partners to bring to life stories that stir the heart.   



Out of Mind Productions works with various organizations, such as theatres, schools, and churches, developing new works and producing published plays.  We are always open to developing new works for organizations or collaborating on existing projects. 



By David Auburn

Produced by arrangements with Dramatist Play Service, Inc.


Proof was a collaboration with Lone Star College Cy-Fair. 

The production ran one weekend, and performances were free to the public. 


Directed by Joseph Milillo


Catherine- Lauren Hance

Robert- Christopher Craig

Claire- Megan Boyle

Hal- Miguel Sanchez

Production Staff

Associate Producer- Celia Barnes

Stage Manager- Amy Kristine Schuetz

House Manager- Sarah Van Hoeven

Sound- Art Parker

Runners- Rob Oakley & Nobell Vasquez

Ugly is Beautiful

By Lauren Hance

Ugly is Beautiful was commissioned by Northland Christian School for the 2009 Spiritual Renewal Day. 

A young high school student, Liam, has been shipped all over the world, due to his father’s job, and has finally landed back in America for his last year of High School.  He meets a sophomore, Katy, who tenderly shows him how friendship is necessary in a world that can seem so lonely. 


Liam Dryer- Tyler Hazard

Katy- Morgan Mogler

Steven Dryer- Chris Johnson  

Becky Dryer- Julie Fontenot

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Soul Sketches- Productions for Churches


Out of Mind Productions works with churches to develop original short scripts to be used in services and other special events. 


Churches we have partnered with:

     Hope Church

     Grace Crossing Church

     A&M Church of Christ

     Highland Church of Christ

Film Set


Our focus is on short films for festivals and on-line media.  We are in the process of developing multiple scripts for production, and are always looking for great talent to partner with. 


Our produced works have been partnerships with other production companies producing short films for the 48Hr Film Project. 


My Hero

My Hero was a partnership with Indien Media for the 2013 New Orleans 48hr Film Project. 


When stress and depression drive David Schlect’s wife closer and closer to the edge, he must resort to his extraordinary and secret abilities to save her from evil.

Required Elements:

Genre- Superhero

Character- Laura Schlect

Prop- Phone Charger

Line of Dialogue- “It’s my first time.”


To view My Hero, click here

To view cast and crew, click here.

We, the Wicked

We, The Wicked was a partnership with Refinery Media for the 2012 New Orleans 48Hr Film Project. 


A young woman wrestles with the demons of her past from controlling her future.


Required Elements:

Genre- Horror

Character- Karen Flippen

Prop- Ring

Line of Dialogue- “There’s only one way to know for sure”


To view We, The Wicked, click here

To view cast and crew, click here.