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Copywriter- Lauen Hance

Short on time, but need copy content ASAP? Look no further. Lauren Hance specializes in short content that catches the attention of readers. She enjoys working with small businesses and writing short blurbs, summaries, newsletter content, and click bait. If you are interested in contracting Lauren for a copywriting job, please submit your request here.

Clients & Projects Include:

Watts Consulting- John M. Floyd and Associates (JMFA) Monthly E-Mail Newsletter

Youth Development Center- Brochures, Communication, Newsletters

Chain Gang Bike Ride- Brochures, Communication

Vintage Church- Assistant Editor and Contributor for Monthly Newsletter

“Lauren is a creative and thorough writer who always makes her deadlines. She’s a valuable resource for my company.”

–Jill Wasson, Chief Solutions Catalyst, Watts Consulting

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