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Current News & Projects

Lauren Hance

Lauren performs regularly in Houston’s longest running improv show, ComedySportz.

Learn more about Lauren's current project here:

The Holy O, an immersive experience written and performed by Lauren Hance

Creative Director for Acton Academy Cy-Fair Fine Arts Exploration Camp (July '23, July '22, July '21)

Emily's Post-Apocalyptic Book of Zombie Etiquette, published with Mushroom Cloud Press (Sep '21)

Graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary with a MAT in Theology, Arts & Culture (June '21)

Fuller All Nations Food and Arts Festival 2021, Producer. (April '21)

Guest on "God and Hamilton" podcast. (Feb '21)

Guest Preacher for Ambassadors 4 Christ in Tuscon, AZ. Watch a pre-recorded version of the sermon here. (Aug '20)

Refilling Lisa featured in Faith, Hope, and Love Quarantine Reading Series with Exalted Arts. (Aug '20)

Director of Theatre & Theology at CITA (2019-2021)

Production Collaborator on Pretty Damn Magic, part performance art, part immersive piece created in heavy collaboration with over 30 Houston artists. Directed by Lynsey Peisinger and Jeromy Barber. (Aug '19)

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