Lauren found a love for writing during her first playwriting class in college.  Creating characters and talking were things that always came naturally, and when she discovered she could take these “skills” and turn them into story, she found a calling. Lauren is a proud member of the Dramatist Guild of America, and her writing samples can be found on the New Play Exchange.

Lauren Hance- Playwright

Full Length

In the Fall

Desiree Pender, a smart, young woman, who recently dropped out of college to sort out her life, stumbles upon her former High School English Teacher, Alexis Murray, in a secret place in the park. Alexis has come to her spot to rest and breathe and to await her fates as accusations against her have surfaced in a court of law. As events unfold, and secrets are unfurled, the women discover they may be facing different sides of the same coin, forcing them to either deny or accept the offenses that have wreaked havoc in their lives. (2W,1M)


History & Awards:

Elite Theatre Company, Oxnard, CA, 2018 (Production Spec Page)

Women's Theatre Festival, Raleigh, NC, Staged Reading 2018

Inkslinger Playwriting Competition (Southeastern Louisiana University), Semi- Finalist 2017

Queensbury Theatre, Houston, TX, Staged Reading 2016

Summer Playwrights Festival 7 at The Road Theatre, North Hollywood, CA, Semi-Finalist 2016

One Acts

Let's Make a
Play Together

Let’s Make a Play Together was commissioned and developed in partnership with Express Children's Theatre of Houston and Tim Fried-Fiori. It is an improv-based play, with music, where professional improvisers teach children the basics of improv and then perform an improvised play based on audience suggestions. Let's Make A Play Together debuted at The 2017 Hilltop Festival for Children at the Miller Outdoor Theatre in Houston, TX. (5+ M/F)


History & Awards:

Express Children's Theatre, Houston, TX 2019

Trill Comedy Festival at Station Theatre, Houston, TX 2018

Express Children's Theatre, Houston, TX 2018

Express Children’s Theatre, Houston, TX 2017

Ugly is

A young teen finds solace behind his camera, but his world is exposed when a young girl befriends him and invites herself into his family and his past. (2W, 2M)


History & Awards:

Commissioned by Northland Christian School, Houston, TX 2009

10 Minute Plays


Allison is gettin' hitched! The only thing missing is her father, and if his unyielding search for a tiny handprint fails, she may never make it down the aisle. (1W,1M)


History & Awards:

Playhouse 1960, Houston, TX, 2017 (Broadway World Houston)

Minnesota Shorts Play Festival, MN, National Semi-Finalist 2016

Lakeshore Players, White Bear Lake, MN, 2014 (White Bear Press)

Dancing the

It is 1995, and the last days of summer are approaching as Mia & William are looking forward to entering the 8th grade. They both have one goal in mind before school begins, A Kiss. Will their risky efforts pay off and change their lives forever, or will they be left standing with their hearts in their hands? (1W,1M)


History & Awards:

10 Minute Play Festival, Peekskill, NY 2017

Playhouse 1960, Houston, TX, 2016

City Theatre of Independence, Independence, MO, Semi-Finalist 2016

Southern Rep Theatre, New Orleans, LA, Staged Reading 2012

Sketches for Church

Lauren has been working with churches for 20 years, writing, directing, and producing custom sketches used during worship services and special events. If you would like more information on producing her sketches, or commissioning a custom piece, please contact Lauren.

Production Photos


Lakeshore Players Theatre

Dancing the Twist
Dancing the Twist

Playhouse 1960

Pass and Go 2017
Pass and Go 2017

Cone Man Running Productions A collaborative play created for Pass and Go 2017, a fundraiser for victims of Hurricane Harvey


Lakeshore Players Theatre


Current Projects

A one-woman show coming in 2021.

The Holy O centers around Vera, a woman contemplating becoming a Catholic nun who has never considered celibacy one of her virtues. The onset of rapturous prayers and visions of saints forces Vera to address her sordid past and struggles with God before deciding if she will embark on a new life. As Vera interacts directly with members of the audience, they become characters from her past and the saints in her present, and together they examine the connection between sexuality, body, and spirit. Will Vera enter the religious life or abandon it for something better?